Redefine Knowledge Digitally

About us

VISIONet Info Solution Pvt Ltd is the world’s leading e-Learning solutions provider and is proud to have 1500+ delighted clients. Ever since its inception in 1996, the success story of VISIONet's earliest projects inspired us to look at the educational scenarios in India in a more global perspective, to empower it holistically in e-learning and beyond.


Our dream is to bring teacher, students, educationalist and technology & content providers and entrepreneurs on a single centralized platform.

  • To address these needs, we have developed www.edubull.com, The Education Networking platform integrated with 25 offline and online services.
  • ICT solution Digital Lecture Studio- It incorporates Digital Classroom, Live Classroom (Broadcast lecture) , Virtual Classroom & Web Conferencing provides any time any where learning.
  • Largest Offline & Online curriculum based -LR’s Library of more than 800 courses, 52989 Lectures for IT, engineering, management, medical , vocational , soft-skills and school.
  • Management Information System (MIS) to automate the diverse operations of an educational institution from management, classes, exams to academic events calendar on a single platform.