Best English Language Laboratory In India

Digital language laboratory is software that make learning more interactive for student. It enhances speaking, listening and speaking skills. The interactive digital platform improves language grammar while making learning effective and interesting. Language labs are better than traditional classroom setting because all students in the class can speak and practice simultaneously without distracting each other regardless of the class size. Language lab gives an opportunity to work on individual needs, which is difficult to be achieved in a classroom setting. To improve language skills, one needs to practice speaking and writing that language constantly. Language labs promote more engagement in class room.

"I am' is reportedly the shortest sentence in the English language. Could it be that 'I do' is the longest sentence?"

What parameters to consider while choosing a language lab?

The first step is to find out all the lab software available in the market. Check out the compatibility of the software with your hardware and operating system. Now go through the content of the lab system. If it fulfils all your requirements, go for a demo check. You need to make sure that the software is modern and user friendly. The content and practice tools available should be easy for the learners to use. The software should have all important features to enhance the teaching experience. Some of which are mentioned below:

  • The digital platform should be interactive and have a two-way communication model, encouraging speaking skills and group discussions.
  • It should have text to speech feature to help in improving the pronunciation skills of the students.
  • The course structure should allow unlimited access to enable efficient learning. Self- learning assignments should be provided.
  • Space should not be a hindrance in learning, the students should be able to access the course material from anywhere.
  • The teacher should be able to monitor the progress of the students.

Why Spears is considered best English Language Lab in India?

Spears Language Lab Software is a bilingual language lab. It provides content in both English and Hindi, Hindi being the first language for most people in India,which helps in better understanding of the concepts. The software is systematically designed after an extensive research taking care of the requirements of present education system. It has a classroom-based solution which can be installed in the systems of school computer lab. Spears Language laboratory software acts as a supplement for the teachers to increase the productivity of the classroom.

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Spears language lab provides a smart methodology, LSWR (Listening, speaking, reading and writing). It is considered the most effective methodology for learning languages. Access to advanced material in text, audio and video formats develop highly effective listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. The students are offered with a smart LSWR technology and to learn English language effectively. Spears Language lab also encourages two-way communication by improving participation in class and group discussions.

Spears also provides specialized content keeping in mind the institution where it will be used. It customizes its content according to the needs of school students, degree college, engineering college or medical college. Hence, it caters to all kinds of educational institutions. With English learning, Spears language lab software also provides content that will improve life skills such as personality development, interview skills, resume writing etc. to prepare the students for professional life.

Best Digital language lab software in India

The digital platform helps in smooth communication between the teacher and the students. The teacher can guide and monitor all the student simultaneously. The chat, notice board, broadcast etc are few features to be named that make Spears best user-friendly laboratory software. The students also get the option to generate their own lessons in text, audio or video medium, hence promoting.

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Self-learning and helping students to learn and memorize the lessons in an easy manner.

Spears also has scientifically-designed three therapy-based systems: Speech therapy, RPID Therapy and MTIR Therapy. Speech therapy is necessary for bilingual students as words of the new language effects the speaking skills of first language. RPID for fluency in communication, while MTIR (Mother tongue influence removal) to help the students in getting comfortable with new accent.

AICTE has supported the introduction of digital language lab in Education institutions. The language labs are used as language tutorials and are attended by students who voluntarily opt for the classes. English language labs benefit the students who are lacking confidence in English speaking.Spears language lab software is user-friendly so that the teachers can easily understand its teaching methodology. While the multimedia-based medium makes the classroom interactive and attracts the attention of the students. The Spears Language Laboratory covers up almost every aspect of teaching and learning making it the best language lab software in India.