What you will Learn in Language Lab Software?

Spears English language lab software offers a huge content for the learning of English language skills. We help students to learn LSRW skills i.e. Listening, Speaking, Reading and writing. These four skills play an important part in the acquisition of language and learning. Digital language lab software promotes English language skills through grammar, writing, listening, phonetics and many more skills through the computer system. It is user-friendly software which can be easily learned.

"I am' is reportedly the shortest sentence in the English language. Could it be that 'I do' is the longest sentence?"

We provide English teaching content in three levels i.e. Basic, Intermediate and advance, in which we provide two consoles; teacher and student console. In teacher console one can assign exams, courses and view results and in student console one can log in and study as well as practice exams.

We provide numerous modules for learning English language skills which includes grammar, tenses, vocabulary, spelling and much more study material to learn and exams like spot the error, one-word substitute, verbal analogies and much more to practice and gain proficiency. Our entire content is multimedia-based and available in bilingual language (Hindi & English) for enhanced understanding.

In English language lab software, we provide CBSE based curriculum for Class 1 to 12th. We also provide English Olympiad study material which will help students to crack Olympiad exams. We offer digital language lab software in various foreign languages like English, German, French, Spanish, Japanese, and many other languages. We also provide Soft skills, personality development, and other job skills to make an individual job ready and excel in life.

Digital language lab software helps in removing fear and hesitation for speaking the English language. We use three types of therapies i.e. speech therapy, RPID therapy and MTIr therapy for removing the fear of speaking the English language. It is important to speak a language in daily conversation to gain proficiency and to know the short comes. We also provide accent training in Indian, British and American language module.

This software helps in building strong foundation of English skills through huge content which includes grammar, tenses, vocabulary, spelling, learn phonetics pronunciation and much more study material to learn and exams like spot the error, one word substitute, verbal analogies, and much more to practice and gain proficiency.

We provide specialized content through Interactive video lectures, exercises, assessments and much more study material for students to make their future bright by getting expertise in a language. We also provide App learning facility, which you can access on any device like computer, tabloid, etc. anytime and anywhere.

While using Spears language lab software teachers can gradually notice the changes in the students’ communication skills and personality. It helps in the overall development of the students. It provides all study material for learning English language skills based on interactive videos, group discussion, assignments, exams and much more to build confidence in students and help them to excel in their career.