Spears Language Lab software is a classroom based solution which will be installed on the computer in classroom and the content can be accessible in the respective classroom system. It is a multimedia based English content based on CBSE curriculum for class 1-12. It provides flexibility and mobility with a complete self-paced language learning system. We provide specialized solution to help the teachers to teach in the class and increase productivity with supplementary resources to their classroom activities.

It is an implausible combination of excellent Language Lab technology and complimentary high quality Multimedia English teaching content of 1600+ hrs which has been specially designed to fit the needs of all the school students. Based on a scientifically proven and methodologically designed language teaching system it incorporates therapies, methodologies and concepts to take the students through a serious learning session coupled with fun.


  • Access 400+hrs of high quality multimedia class 1-12 content.
  • Other School curriculum based courses for Std. VI-X.
  • 1600+ hrs English learning content
  • English Olympiad study material is provided to help students to crack Olympiad exams.
  • Multiple exams and real time exercises to practice.
  • Expert video sessions and animation based learning content
  • Speech and RPID therapy for easy learning and fluency in communication
  • Role Plays & Situational Dialogues based on real life interaction
  • Interactive exercises and activities to build the concept.
  • This software is provided in various foreign languages like French, Spanish, Japanese, German and many more.
  • Various non-academic skills courses


  • Create, organize and manage content according to the syllabus.
  • Customize content according to student’s acumen and school curriculum.
  • Create and conduct online examination and generate report.
  • Link to youtube videos.
  • Highly effective as teachers can monitor students activities remotely which provides total control for the teachers.
  • Batch Management provided.
  • Notice board facility
  • Teacher can see the student progress report.
  • Voice recording facility for exercises and text.
  • Prepare assignments as per syllabus
  • Assign Lessons according to the learning progress to all the students for easy and effective teaching with


  • It is approved by Board of School education.
  • It is very cost effective.
  • It works on all technology like LAN Network, Thin client, Linux, Unix, Mobile and Cloud.
  • Bilingual (English & Hindi) approach for enhanced understanding.
  • Listen, Speaking, Reading and Writing (LSRW) Activities - The most effective methodology used for learning languages.
  • User friendly interfaces in the langue lab software save time and makes teaching highly enjoyable
  • It can be installed in the existing computer lab or a separate Language Lab can be set up.
  • Enable the instructors to interact with individual students in the class without disturbing other students, thereby improving the teaching efficiency and learning time for all

Offered Courses

  • English For Class 1
  • English For Class 2
  • English For Class 3
  • English For Class 4
  • English For Class 5
  • English For Class 6
  • English For Class 7
  • English For Class 8
  • English For Class 9
  • English For Class 10
  • English For Class 11
  • English For Class 12
  • Learn Basic English
  • Learn to Speak English through Hindi
  • Let's Learn English in 30 days
  • Learn Intermediate English
  • Learn Advance English
  • Phonetics (Hindi)
  • Phonetics in Indian Accent
  • Effective Writing Skills
  • Grooming the Listening Skills
  • Grooming the Reading Skills
  • Grooming the Speaking Skills
  • Professional English