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Language lab software is software based on learning a language. Good communication depends upon the language skills one acquires while learning a language. If the four skills of language that are reading, writing, listening and speaking are practiced well. Language lab plays an important role in the language learning process.

English Language Lab software helps in learning the English language in an effective way. It provides technical tools for the students to learn the pronunciation of language in an easy way. It helps in learning the basic skills of the English language. Students learn in an easy way through interactive videos.



Language lab

Some of the features of language lab software!

  • It develops communication skills in students.
  • It facilitates teachers with real-time monitoring.
  • It builds confidence in learners.
  • It is a user-friendly software
  • It helps to improve pronunciation.
  • It helps in grooming overall personality.
  • It is an effective way of learning any language.
  • It removes the fear and hesitation of students.

Spears Language lab software is based on AICTE Norms!

Language lab is used in schools to enhance their language learning process. The software is based on LSRW Skills to helps students in easy and fast learning. It helps them in understanding basic English language skills. It improves the overall personality of the learner.

  • Higher Education - This software is useful in making students confident and job-ready. As the language lab consists of grooming courses that develop the personality of students and prepare them to face the world challenges.
  • Skill Development Institutes - Language lab software is used in skill development institutes to help students learn the right pronunciation of words and build confidence in speaking the English language. It is important to learn good communication skills to convey the right message to the end-user.
  • Corporate – Language lab software help in the corporate world by improving their communication skills. It also facilitates global business communication between executives.
  • Career Institutes - Career institutes teach the English language or any other foreign languages with the help of language lab software. They charge some amount from every learner and help them to overcome the hesitation of speaking the English language. Many students or learners can’t speak English due to a lack of confidence. These institutes work on the overall personality of the learner and help them to gain confidence and face the challenges.

Language lab - Change in a Communication Personality

Digital language lab is an innovative step towards learning a language in an effective way. It is an easy way of learning a language and brings a change in personality. Communication skills are very important to communicate with other persons and make them understand what we want or what message we want to convey to them. The English language ( is spoken and understand in many countries so why it is called a universal language. Hence, it becomes important to learn this language and have good command over it.

An English language lab software consists of the following content to improve the English of the user !

  • Vocabulary – A language lab consists of 5000+ words for the students to learn and improve their speaking and writing skills. The user can learn 20 words daily and memorize them and use them in creative writing skills. This will help them to easily memorize them and build a strong vocabulary.
  • Grammar – The grammar part consists of spot the error, idioms, synonyms, antonyms, one-word substitute and many other lessons to practice and gain grammar knowledge. Grammar is an important section of the English language without grammar we can’t judge the correct tense of the sentence. So learning grammar is very important to make the user understand the correct form of tense of speech.
  • Intonation – This feature helps in improving the knowledge of the English language by knowing the variation of pitch, volume, speed, and stress of voice. It is a very good feature of recording your voice and then listening to it, one will be to know the pitch of his own voice.
  • Pronunciation – Learning how to pronounce a word is very important in the English language. If the pronunciation is correct, the end-user can easily understand your message and reply back. But many English speakers can’t pronounce the correct sound of a word which misleads the other user and can’t reply back. By using English language lab software one can learn how to pronounce correctly.
  • Pace of speech – Pace is the key to effective communication in which speech is clearly understood. The pace of speech should remain constant, not high or low. In language lab software you can test your pace of speech with the help of a graph given in the voice recording feature. It will help you to speak at a constant pace not too high or not too low.
  • ASL (Assessment of speaking and listening skills) – This feature of assessment of speaking and listening skills helps in better communication and evaluate learner’s proficiency. This feature assesses the speaking skills as well as the listening skills of the user and helps to improve gradually.
  • Soft Skills – Spears language lab software also covers soft skills like personality development, resume writing, group discussion, interview skills and many more to enhance the overall personality of the learners. These courses will bring confidence in the user and he can overcome the fear of speaking in public. Interview skills will prepare you to face an interview and ace in it.
  • The benefits of English language lab software are !

    • Based on LSRW (listening, speaking, reading and writing) skills.
    • It is used in schools, colleges, universities, corporate, etc.
    • It is a useful tool for classroom engagement and interaction.
    • It overcomes the traditional teaching system.
    • It promotes interactive learning process.
    • Soft skills are also taught in the language lab system.

    The benefits of English language lab software are !

    • Based on LSRW (listening, speaking, reading and writing) skills.
    • It is used in schools, colleges, universities, corporate, etc.
    • It is a useful tool for classroom engagement and interaction.
    • It overcomes the traditional teaching system.
    • It promotes interactive learning process.
    • Soft skills are also taught in the language lab system.
  • LSRW Skills – A language lab work on listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. As these are four important skills for the acquisition of language and learning. Without these skills, it becomes difficult to learn any language.
  • Accent training facility – Language lab system also has the feature of accent training in three languages Indian, British and American. One can learn the accent listening to the audios available in the software and test their accent. This feature shows the speech module which can be easily understood by the graph.
  • Phonetics – It is the study of speech sounds. The accent of different words made easy with phonetics. They help us to pronounce a word in the correct way. If the phonetics of a student is strong then he can smoothly communicate in the English language. In India, it is a drawback that the English teachers are not clear of phonetics so they won’t work on students to learn phonetic sound.
  • MTI (Mother Tongue Influence) – Many times we have seen that when people talk in the English language we can judge their mother tongue, due to the influence of it. The language we speak daily leave a mark on our accent which can be overcome by practicing mother tongue influence feature available in language lab software. Through this, we can overcome the difference between consonants sounds using mouth movements. MTI technique is very beneficial in removing this influence.
  • Fluency – In order to improve fluency one can practice the application based on intonation and modulation. The regular practice will improve the fluency and brings confidence in the user. Few people can speak fluent English, the reason behind this is lack of confidence or they fear making mistakes.
  • Speech Sounds – Pronunciation of consonants and vowel sounds made easy with correct syllabic division and stress patterns. If the learner knows where to stress the word and where not to, it becomes easy for him to pronounce a word. There are 26 letters of the alphabet and 5 vowels in the English language. We call the sounds phonemes, each phoneme has a different sound, which makes it different from other letter. Very few schools in India stress on this learning of speech. In syllabic words, we cover almost 1000 syllabic and Hexa syllabic.

Fear of speaking can be overcome in the following ways:

  • By continuous practice.
  • By speaking in front of the mirror.
  • Fear that people will make fun, don’t take it to your heart just speak, at least you are trying.
  • Writing a page daily.
  • Frame small sentences.
  • Learning new vocabulary words on a daily basis.
  • Reading English novels.
  • Watch English channels and try to understand.