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The benefits of English Learning Software

English language lab is lab-based software that works on a network designed to make English teaching interactive and beneficial. The software meets modern-day technology and equipment. It is also known by the name of the digital language lab.

In today’s time, it is important to learn and master English skills due to the tough competition. Every parent wants to give the best education to their child and expect the child to excel in exams.



English Language lab software

The multimedia language lab provides all the tools required for learning better communication like microphones, headphones, computer systems, etc. Multimedia-based learning engages students in better learning of concepts. Good communication skills are the prerequisite demand in today’s time.

Language lab software works can work both online as well as offline. The offline version is more popular in schools, colleges, universities, etc. Among so many languages lab software’s available in the market, Spears language lab is the one which fulfills all the requirement.

Highlights of English Language Lab

  • It is user-friendly software.
  • It helps in learning the right pronunciation, accent, phonetics, grammar, and many other things.
  • Own assignments can be prepared by the teacher.
  • A paperless examination can be conducted.
  • Accent training in three modules.
  • A teacher can assign lessons anytime and anywhere using language lab software.
  • Offer various non-academic courses.
  • It is cost-effective.
  • It is based on the LSRW methodology.
  • It improves communication skills.

The Benefits of Spears Language Lab

  • It covers 1600+ hours of English learning content.
  • It provides a notice board facility.
  • Batch management facility.
  • Based on best methodology i.e. LSRW (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing)
  • MTI removal courses and sessions are provided.
  • Accent training in British, American and Indian.
  • Practice various test papers
  • Record your voice, compare and evaluate your performance.
  • Various soft skill courses like resume writing, interview preparation, group discussion and many more to develop an overall personality.
  • Role play and situational dialogues to practice.
  • Speech therapies for easy learning.
  • Improve communication skills
  • Can access anytime and anywhere on the computer, tabloid and smart phone.
  • Best customer support service
  • Learn any foreign language with the help of the language lab.
  • It is cost-effective.

Learn English Language with Advanced Technology

Digital Language lab has changed the aspect of teaching the English language to a great extent. With the advancement of technology, teaching has also taken an upturn.

The components of a modern language lab system are given below:

  • Headsets: Teachers and students wear headsets to avoid disturbance and learn lessons in an effective manner.
  • Recorder: A recorder is provided to students for listening and recording their voices.
  • LAN (Local Area Network): The language lab system works on the local area network. All the systems are connected to the LAN network.
  • Server: A server computer is required to store all the content and study material.
  • Computer System: A teacher is assigned a computer system for teaching the students which will be directly connected to the server.

Covered Best Content In Digital Language Lab Software

The digital language lab system helps the students to nurture the habit of reading passages from the computer monitor and enhance their English skills gradually. The list of content covered in digital language lab software.

  • Pronunciation – The practice of pronunciation of words is done in the class to help students to learn the right pronunciation.
  • Role plays – It is done in a real-life situation, where students act on a role and practice English.
  • Vocabulary building – By building vocabulary we can improve the power of writing. The language lab system covers more than 5000 words to build a good vocabulary.
  • Phonetics – Students are made to learn phonetics so that they can pronounce the word with the right sound.
  • Grammar – Grammar plays an essential part in learning English language skills. It covers various test papers to learn and practice the grammar section.
  • Effective Resume writing skills – Learn effective resume writing skills covered in soft skills courses offered in the Language lab system.
  • Accent training – Accent training facility is provided in British, American and Indian. One can record the voice and listen over to improve the accent.
  • E-mail writing – Learn business e-mail writing skills, which will help in writing good e-mails.
  • Group discussion – Learn how to crack group discussion, what things to keep in mind, how to present yourself etc.
  • Soft skills and interpersonal skills – It is important to work on soft and interpersonal skills to develop overall personality and overcome our weaknesses.
  • Interview skills – Learn to overcome interview jitter by learning effective interview skills.
  • Improve body language – Learn to carry the right attitude with good posture to crack the interview easily.
  • Life skills – The life skills courses help in coping with emotions, stress, etc. Various life skills courses are covered in a language lab system.

Learning any Foreign Language with Language Lab Software

The language lab system can be used for learning any foreign language. Foreign languages like Russian, Italian, French, Japanese, etc. It helps in easy learning of a language due to the interactive content. It provides a comfortable environment for the students to learn a foreign language and meet the current competition in the market.

Learning a foreign language wider the opportunities of MNC jobs for the candidates. It helps in better career development. It works as an additional skill for the candidate to grow in career. Every language is focused on four skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening. Language lab emphasizes on the construction and practice of sounds of language.

Top Advanced Level English Language Software

Modern language lab offers text, images, audio, and video-based content to learn in an interactive way. It enables students to nurture the habit of reading passages from the computer monitor and learn new words. The students are trained not only in language but with soft skills courses like resume writing, interview skills, group discussion, public speaking and many more. These courses prepare them to face the interview and develop their personality to communicate in an effective way.

The language lab is categorized at two different levels:

  • Conventional laboratory – This is the primitive form of the language laboratory. The conventional lab has a tape recorder and a few audio cassettes of the target language to teach the learners. The teacher plays the tape and the learners listen to it and learn the pronunciation.
  • Lingua Phone laboratory – This is again a conventional type of lab, with a little modernization. Learners are given a headset to listen to the audiocassettes being played.
  • Computer Assisted Language Laboratory – It uses the computer to teach language. The language course materials are already fed into the computer and are displayed according to the features available in the system.

Boosting Confidence by Speaking Fluent English

The demand for digital language lab is growing day by day, the Govt. institutions and Govt. aided institutions both are funded to install language lab in their lab and make students learn English skills in an effective manner. Now, it has become the responsibility of the teachers and institution to encourage students to learn and develop skills so that they can communicate well.

Language Lab Develops Language Skills

A good language lab develops language skills efficiently and provides the scope of using games and practice exercises to make their vocabulary strong. It polishes the skills in students and enriches them with good communication. Good communication is the need of the hour without good communication the candidate does not stand anywhere. The reason for lack of communication is non-speaking of English, students don’t get the environment of speaking the English language at home.

English learning is an on-going process every day you learn new words and the topics of grammar have taken new terms. Learning English is based on three levels i.e. basic level, intermediate level, and advanced level. Depending upon the student's ability we judge the level for him. Whether he falls in basic, intermediate or advance, after that we can assist him with improving English skills.

Various techniques are used to develop confidence in students.

The Best techniques Learning English language

  • Make mirror your best friend – Speak in front of the mirror and practice right jaw and tongue moment to speak fluent English.
  • Record your voice and listen – Record your voice and listen over the phone how fluent you can speak the English language.
  • Practice English exercise – Practice various English exercises available in language lab software to learn grammar and vocabulary. For speaking good English one should have a good vocabulary.
  • Watch English channels – Try to watch English channels to learn English speaking fluently.
  • Read Newspapers daily – Read the newspaper on a daily basis and learn new words.
  • Read loudly – Whenever reading a book or newspaper try to read loudly and clearly to notice your mistakes.

The above tips or techniques definitely help in boosting confidence by speaking fluent English. These are the well-proven methods that are practiced by all beginners to gain confidence.