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What is the Benefit of Speaking English

English is a global language, as it is spoken in most of the countries. In India, the emphasis is growing on improving the English skills from the primary stage. If English skills should be taught in the right manner from childhood then it becomes easy to grab the skills in an effective manner.



English Language Lab

English language lab software was made to teach students English skills by using interactive multi-media based video lectures. This software is known by various names like a digital language lab software, school language lab software, language lab software etc. it is used for learning foreign languages also.

As we all know, that English is an international communication language, it becomes essential to learn how to speak fluent English to communicate smoothly. English language lab is used in different fields like in schools, institutes, universities and many other places.

English used in different areas

  • Speaking English for School – Most of the students start learning English skills in school. School language lab software helps in quick learning of English skills through interactive videos. This software is based on LSRW skills. It helps students in better understanding of basic concepts.
  • Higher Education – Digital language lab software consists of various grooming courses like personality development, group discussion, interview jitter, writing resume and many more which develop overall personality of the learner.
  • Corporate – Language lab software helps in developing confidence in the learner or executives by providing a platform to learn speaking fluent English through different modules given in the language lab software.
  • Skill Development Institutes – Digital language lab helps in bringing skills in speaking skills. In this software, they learn the right pronunciation of words.
  • Career Institutes – These institutes teach English language or any other foreign language with the help of digital language lab. These institutes help in developing the overall personality of the students and prepare them to face the challenges.

Benefits of Speaking English Language

Learning English language helps in overcoming the day-to-day challenges of life. If one has good command over English language, it builds confidence. English is an important part of education, we have other subjects in the English language as well as science, social science etc. The benefits of speaking English language skills are:

  • It boosts confidence in the learner – If one owns good speaking skills then he will not hesitate which will boost his confidence.
  • It increases the potential of hiring – Every employer seeks for a candidate who owns good English skills. If one carries good communication skills then the chances of hiring increases automatically.
  • It helps in the immigration process – If one is willing to migrate from one country to country and have good English skills then the person will clear TOFEL or IELTS tests easily.
  • It improves the reading as well as writing skills – All the four core skills that are listening, speaking, reading and writing are inter-related. If one focus on one module then the other module will automatically improve.
  • Provide wider opportunities – Good speaking skills give wider opportunities whether in the field of job prospects, admissions etc.
  • Keeps brain sharp – Learning a language keeps the brain active, so if we learn we get to know more about the language and get in-depth knowledge.
  • Better remuneration – Employees who have good communication skills are paid higher salary than the ones who don’t carry good communication skills.
  • Business opportunities – Communication plays a vital role in business also. A business man trades with different countries for the business so he have good communication skills and fluency in English then he can able to do business smoothly.

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Digital Language Lab Software Benefits

Digital language lab covers vast curriculum for teaching English skills from a beginner to advance level. It helps in quick learning of grammar, vocabulary, right intonation and other concepts with the help of examples and practice exercises.

The language lab system- is a fast-growing system that helps not only in improving the English language but develops the overall personality of the learner. It is used in schools, universities, institutions and many more places. The benefits of school language lab system are as follows:

  • It facilitates classroom engagement with interactive learning.
  • The system is based on Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing skills.
  • It helps in accent training in 3 modules.
  • Provide soft skills courses like group discussion, grooming, interview skills, etc. to develop personality.
  • Practice more than 2000+ online exams anytime and anywhere.
  • It is used in schools, colleges, corporations, institutes to improve the English skills and personality of the learner.
  • It provides the best back up support before and after installation of the language lab system.
  • It is based on speech and RPID therapy for easy and quick learning.
  • Provide a mobile vocabulary training facility, which facilitates the learner to learn anytime and memorize the words.
  • The software works on LAN, Linux, Unix and many more.
  • It saves time for the teacher as the software facilitates various tools that make teaching easy and fast.
  • It makes learning easy and interesting with interactive videos and multimedia based concepts.
  • Various exercises and exams to practice and ace in exams whether a school student, a job seeker or a candidate appear in competitive exams. Language lab system provides exams for all level of courses and for all aspirants.

Spears Language Lab Software

Spears language lab is one of the unique language lab software that covers the content as per the school curriculum and provides support before and after installation of the software.

  • The curriculum is based on the CBSE Board – The curriculum covered in the language lab system is based on CBSE syllabus it covers grammar, one-word substitute, synonyms, antonyms, etc. and another English syllabus.
  • RPID Therapy – This therapy is used for easy learning and fluency in communication.
  • Record and download the voice option – Digital language lab software provides facility to record and listen to the voice and one can improve the accent by practicing it.
  • Academic Vocabulary – The Spears language lab software provides 7000+ vocabulary words to make the strong base of students.
  • Detailed coverage on phonetics – The software covers detail coverage of phonetics sounds. With the use of headphones students or learners can listen to proper sounds of phonetics and catch easily the correct sound of the alphabets.
  • Well graded content – The content of the software is well-graded and update. The components of the software include courses, exams, career skills, and interview exams.
  • It is computer-based learning – The software is computer-based so one can learn easily anytime as per their convenience.

English used in different areas

Moreover, by practicing daily one can overcome the hesitation of speaking English language. The other ways to overcome the fear of speaking English language are:

  • By speaking in front of the mirror – By speaking in front of the mirror, one can know the right intonation or pace of speaking the language.
  • Fear that people will make fun, don’t take it to your heart just speak, at least you are trying – Don’t feel shy of speaking in front of others by thinking that they will make fun of your English. One can make good communication skills by speaking only.
  • Start believing in yourself – Believe in yourself no matter what others say about you. If you believe you can change their perspective about you.
  • Writing a page daily – Writing a page daily will improve your speaking as well as writing skills.
  • Frame small sentences – While practice writing skills, start with framing small sentences.
  • Learning new vocabulary words on a daily basis – Try to learn as many new words as you can on a daily basis.
  • Writing your mistakes – If one note down his mistakes on a daily basis then one can improve gradually.
  • Speak loudly when alone – Try to speak loudly and stress on the right pronunciation of words. The right way of speaking depends upon the pause, stress and intonation.
  • Read the newspaper – Try to read a newspaper regularly, especially the editorial page to know the style of writing and usage of complex sentences.
  • Reading English novels – There are a variety of English novels available in the market which will not only enhance your speaking skills but develop creative skills also. Reading helps in right pronunciation of words and learning new vocabulary.
  • Watch English channels and try to understand – Watch English channels to understand the different accents and learn the style of speaking the words in a correct way. This will boost your confidence as you will learn the pronunciation and how much to stress the word.

In conclusion, the only way to improve speaking skills is to open your mouth and speak as much as you can to improve your skills. While, speaking one can know the mistakes and rectify them gradually which not only improve their English skills but will boost confidence in the learner.