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What is Digital Language Lab

Digital language lab is software which works on digital platform. It offers language learning skills based on LSRW (listening, speaking, reading and writing) methodology. It is an important methodology for learning any language. It is the core element of a language. It helps in understanding a language in a productive way.

Spears language lab is a digital language lab that provides huge interactive content for learning English skills digitally. It enhances the skills in the learner to learn English in an easy way.

In the initial stage, the digital language lab focuses on listening and speaking skills of students. Students are asked to listening to audio lessons given in language lab software and practice them. Further, they are given the assignment to speak on different topics for 2 minutes on a daily basis to practice and analyze their performance. It consists of a different console.



Language lab Software for School

Features of Language lab Software for School

  • Student console – In the student console, the student can listen to the video recordings and learn how to converse in English fluently. They can make their base strong by learning new words on a daily basis. The benefits to students are:
    • Multimedia based content
    • Provide study material for English Olympiad
    • Multiple exams and real-time practice
    • Role play and situational dialogues to practice
    • Expert video sessions
    • Can clear their doubt anytime
    • Various non-academic skills
  • Teacher console -Teacher can monitor the student from her seat. She can assign assignments anytime. She can view text, images and hear the sounds of all the students. The other benefits are:
    • Create and conduct online exams
    • Batch Management facility
    • Notice Board Facility
    • Prepare assignments as per syllabus
    • Create, organize and manage syllabus
    • I can monitor all the students at the same time
    • Assign lessons anytime
    • Can be used to teach any language
    • Screen capturing facility

The language lab software works on the above two consoles. Language lab systems are used in schools, colleges, universities, institutions to help students enhance their skills and build overall personality. Spears language lab which is also known as

Digital Language Lab Has Unique Content

  • Vocabulary – It contains 7000+ vocabulary words to make the base strong. Learn words daily and memorize the words by using them in daily life.
  • Grammar – Remedial grammar is provided for communicating in grammatically correct English. Practice various exercises like synonyms, antonyms, punctuation, one-word substitute, preposition, doing words, etc. to improve your grammar skills.
  • Intonation – Intonation is to learn the accuracy of the pitch of speaking the English language. It is required to know where to stop and how to maintain the flow and avoid fumbles.
  • The Pace of Speech – Pace is the speed of speech, one should learn the right pace of speaking the language. It can be acquired by daily practicing in front of the mirror or by recording. When we record our voices and listen we can know our mistakes and we can gradually improve them by practicing.
  • Olympiad study material – It also covers the syllabus of English Olympiad exams by reinforcing the various courses and exams related to Olympiad.
  • MTI – It helps in the removal of mother tongue influence by practicing speaking skills in different accents like American and British. This technique helps in overcoming the mother tongue influence easily.
  • Pronunciation – How a word is pronounced? It is important to pronounce a word in the right manner so that we can communicate smoothly. In this tool, you will learn to pronounce a word correctly.
  • Phonetics – To classify the speech of sounds refers to phonetics. A large number of videos are available in digital language lab to learn phonetic sounds.
  • Roleplay and situational dialogue – It includes various role play and situational dialogues to practice and learn.
  • Foreign languages – One can learn different foreign languages with the help of digital language labs like Japanese, German, Chinese, Spanish and many more.
  • Assessment of speaking – English speaking assessment test is conducted to practice speaking skills. Speaking is an essential element of communication. With effective speaking, we can communicate with confidence.
  • Soft Skills – There are a variety of soft skills courses are available in the language lab like resume writing, interview skills, group discussion, personality development, etc.
  • Audio recording facility – Spears language lab provides the facility of recording the voice in different accents like Indian, British and American. This helps in maintaining the right pace of speech; this can be done by considering a few points.
    • Slow down – Speak clearly and slow down while speaking is necessary so that the listener can understand your speech.
    • Keep your head up – Don’t bend your head or hide your head in a book, instead keep the book up and try to speak loudly and clearly.
    • Pause occasionally – Pause is very important while speaking, if one knows where to stop then it becomes easy to speak in the right manner

Language Lab Provides an Interactive Learning Environment

Digital language lab is a multimedia-based language laboratory system, which works digitally. It provides transmission of the database over the local area network which is further connected to the main PC of the teacher or instructor. Afterward, around 20-30 users are connected to the main PC of an instructor to teach the students. It facilitates online teaching.

Digital language lab is a fast-growing technology it offers a wide range of content, tools, etc. to the students to learn a language. Online language lab has overcome the traditional library system. It brought a revolutionary change in the learning as well as the teaching of a language.

It provides control to the teachers to monitor the students and knows their level of learning with the help of metrics given in the software.

The demand for digital language lab or online language lab is increasing day by day due to the advancement of technology. Colleges provide opportunities for students to refine their communicative skills through the digital library system. It enables individuals as well as group study facilities. Audio and visual recording is used in digital library software to help the learner to understand the different accents and improve speaking skills.

Digital technology has changed the perspective of learning a language by providing all study material digitally available. The digital language lab provides an interactive learning environment for the students to learn effectively. Online language lab provides a scope of learning a language through daily practice and learning.

The components of modern language lab

  • A system is allotted to the teacher for conducting language exercises.
  • Headsets are worn by the teachers and students for clear communication.
  • Students and teacher systems are connected to local area network.
  • A storage device is required to keep all the lessons and materials on that server.
  • Students require a media player or recorder to record audio lessons and listen to their speech.

It is the need of the hour to change the learning system of language from a traditional class to computerized or digital learning where students learn a lot more with visualization. Digital Language lab brings confidence and improves overall personality.

The functions of a language lab system are

  • The teacher can assign assignments to the students.
  • It is based on paperless examination.
  • Online learning enhances listening and speaking skills.
  • Batch management facility – a teacher can make different batches or groups of students to study or complete a project in the given time.
  • Notice board – a teacher can put any notice on the notice at any time of day to make the students aware of the information.
  • It provides effective communication training programs.
  • It is a tool designed for teaching any foreign language.
  • It helps the students to learn vocabulary, grammar, phonetics and many more.
  • Accent training facility in British, American and Indian languages.
  • It facilitates real-time monitoring of students.
  • It helps in group discussion.
  • New courses can be added at any time to enhance the skills of the students.
  • Different groups can be made and assigned activities.
  • It also facilitates a teacher to provide assistance individually and collectively.
  • Soft skills are available to enhance skills and develop a personality.

Focus on LSRW: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing

Spears language lab offers all the content and based on the latest technology and it is considered as the best language lab software for learning the English language. The ability to speak effectively is the major concern of all the Govt. and Private institutes they focus on building LSRW (listening, speaking, reading and writing) skills in students to learn and speak effectively.

In language lab software the focus is on acquiring the right phonic sounds and pronunciation to speak clearly and in the right place. It is a helpful tool in assessing and practicing speech in any language. It helps in self-assessment with the help of different modules available in it.