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Language lab software is designed to acquire language skills in an easy and interactive way. English Language lab is based on the methodology of LSRW skills that are listening, speaking, reading and writing. These language laboratories are mainly an educational platform for students to learn and understand the basics of a language in a structured way. Digital language lab allows a student to interact, study, experiment with the language skills in a practical manner. It is not a theoretical based concept. As much as the student speaks the language he will be able to resolve its doubt.

English Language lab focuses on language skills and efficiently develops the skills in students. Language lab software is used in schools and colleges across the country. In language lab software is a blend of technology that helps in easy and fast learning of English skills. English is a language based on concepts and it is important to understand these concepts and learn them.



Why use a language lab for language teaching?

The demand for Language lab software is increasing day by day due to more focus on the English language. It provides a strong platform to learn skills and other accents available in this software. Students can resolve their doubts online without any hesitation. It imparts actual training to the students to learn the English language. Students get more involved in interactive learning than usual class learning concept or we can say when teaching is made interesting it draws more attention to the students.

LSRW skills are very important for learning any foreign language. When students listen to new words through language lab software they can able to grasp it easily due to clarity of speech. Teachers will emphasis on speaking or repeating the words. Further, they can study or read them at home and do revision. The last but not the least step is writing skills which will they acquire steadily.

The Advantages of Language Lab Software

  • Learners can record their own voices and playback the recordings.
  • Student can learn three types of accent; British, American and Indian
  • Teachers can intervene and control the student learning.
  • Self-access for independent learning
  • Text, images, audio, and video can easily be integrated.
  • The teacher can upload the test papers periodically.
  • User-friendly software
  • Interactive video lessons

The components of the Modern language lab are:

  • A server computer is installed to store all the information about the software.
  • Software works on the local area network.
  • Students have audio and video facility.
  • Students and teachers are provided a headset for conversation.

English language will advance the career of the school students, as they will be clear with the concept of English language skills with the help of English Language lab software. It will not only enhance their career but also boost their confidence while applying for higher studies. It is an advantage for the students those schools understand the English language lab.

Importance of English Language Software

Importance of English Language Lab Software is:

  • It facilitates one to conduct courses for different groups.
  • Courses are online and paperless.
  • Software documentation and other technical documentation.
  • It helps to learn pronunciation, accent and all other aspects of pronunciation.
  • Tool for teaching any language.
  • Effective communicative training programs.
  • I can prepare for competitive exams like Olympiads.
  • Web-content creation facility
  • Short term and long term courses are available.

The language lab plays a vital role in the language learning process. It facilitates the students to learn the language in an effective way. The four skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) are practiced in such a way that students can perform improvise tests.

English language lab software helps in effective communication implies carrying or receiving of messages in a smooth way. It is vital to have ample knowledge of the software to make the best use of it. With the increased demand for language lab software, it is important to update the database from time to time and match the technology needs. Many companies provide AMC (annual maintenance charges) facility to remain updated with the technological changes they provide in their database. It depends upon the school to school to utilize the facility or not.

Language lab is a great result-oriented software that not only helps in the language learning process but improves the overall personality of the students with the grooming, personality development and many other courses available in advance level of the software. These are very beneficial courses which will not only enhance their personality but also develop confidence in students.

Language lab With LSRW Skills

Language lab consists of soft skills courses like public speaking, how to crack the interview, life skills, writing a resume, etc. which improve the inner traits of students like confidence, attitude, personality, etc. These courses will groom their personality and help to deal with different people effectively.

Language lab software improves the quality of language proficiency with the use of multimedia and digital technology in the software. It makes learning interesting as well as interactive. Students feel different when they learn in a different atmosphere. They focus more on the learning as well as the listening part.

LSRW skills are developed in the students one by one, firstly we focus on the listening part, and students listen to the interactive videos and then practice speaking skills. Reading and writing skills are later part of the learning process. Students are given a daily assessment to learn and understand the skills of the English language.

The software covers from basic to advance level courses for all the grade of students. It brings proficiency in English speaking as well as reading the language. In most of the countries, the English language is spoken and understood. Many students apply for higher studies in foreign countries so it becomes necessary for them to clear the IELTS exam, which they can easily crack by learning different accents available in English language software. It is regarded as the most popular software in learning language skills.

The benefits of language lab software!

The benefits of language lab software is:

  • Comprehensive – they easily understand the comprehension passages given in the database.
  • Digital software – as this software works digitally it saves the time of the teacher as well as students. One can study anytime, anywhere with online learning.
  • Better attention - students get better attention as they are engaged with individual systems. They can learn and revise lessons as per their convenience.
  • Independent learning – they can access the software at home to revise and understand the concept and clarify their doubts. Some students feel shy to ask in front of the class so this provide solution for them.
  • Effective learning – the software leads to effective learning of LSRW skills i.e. listening, speaking, reading and writing. Students learn through interactive videos which makes learning more interesting.
  • Accent training – this software facilitates accent training in three languages, which help students to crack the competitive exams easily.
  • Audio & video –text to speech facility is provided in the language lab software, where students can record their voice and listen to it.
  • Learn any language –the software is not a constraint to the English language, one can learn any language through this software.
  • Group learning – in this software different group can be made and teachers can interact with them differently.
  • Self Evaluation – students can self evaluate their performance by regular assessment given by the teachers.
  • Interactivity – students can interact with each other and the teacher to clarify their doubts.
  • Online exams – students can give online exams like grammar, vocabulary, one-word substitute to practice and improve their skills.
  • Batch management system – it provides the facility of batch management system where different batches can be made of different class students.
  • Improve personality – the advance level courses available in the language lab system improve the overall personality of students and they will gain confidence.
  • Notice board facility – it provides the facility of notice board where a teacher can put notice any time for the students to learn or revise the lessons or any other information she would like to share.

The above benefits make the language lab software the best software for learning a language. The Spears language lab is approved by AICTE norms. It is concluded that the language lab software is the solution and need of the hour to learn the English language lab. Digital language lab provides the solution to the problem and teaches in a sequential order to improve the learning of English skills easily and quickly.