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Best Language Lab Software

English language lab is software used for learning English language skills. It is also known by the name of multimedia language lab, digital language lab, English communication lab, English language lab equipment and many more. It works on four major skills LSRW - listening, speaking, reading and writing.

With the growth of technology, traditional teaching is replaced by a lab teaching facility where students learn practically. English language lab is one of all-time solution for teaching English skills effectively. It helps in better understanding of concepts among students. The training aids in overcoming the hesitation of speaking the English language.

Types of training provided in the Language lab software are loud pronunciation training, audio recording, removal of mother tongue influence and many other training.



English Language Lab Software

The equipments used in English Learning Language lab software:

  • Microphones – Microphones are used with headsets by teachers and students to communicate the English learning exercises and other activities.
  • Headphones – Headphones are used to listen to interactive video lectures for learning English skills covered in digital language lab software.
  • Media player/ recorder – A recorder is used to record voice, audio recorder facility is provided in language lab software to record the voice and improve their accent.
  • Monitoring switches – It enables the teacher to listen to the voice of the students whether they are pronouncing the word or sentence incorrect accent so that she can advise them and correct them.
  • Intercom switches – It is used for two way communication process. The teacher pronounces a word and asks students to pronounce in the same accent.
  • LAN – The language lab system works on local area networking. The systems are connected through local area networks or audio cabling for the smooth running of the system.

Features of Spears Language Lab

The above equipments help in the effective learning of English skills. A variety of English language lab software is available in the market. Among them, Spears Language lab is the best language lab software as it contains the best content and equipment used in the software.

The features of Spears Language lab:

  • It helps in developing communication skills easily.
  • It facilitates real-time monitoring.
  • It improves pronunciation in the users.
  • It emphasizes phonetics, grammar, vocabulary, etc.
  • It provides soft skills that develop an overall personality.
  • It helps in removing mother tongue influence.
  • It helps in developing confidence.
  • It provides real-time training to students.
  • It helps in developing English skills in an easy way.
  • It facilitates group discussion.
  • Access anytime and anywhere.
  • It facilitates accent training in Indian, British and American.
  • It is cost-effective.
  • 24/7 service support

The above features make Spears Language lab unique and the best software for learning English skills.

Further, we can discuss in detail the benefits of using Spears Language lab software for learning English skills by students, teachers, and management.

The benefits of the Spears Language lab to students:

  • Multimedia content for effective learning.
  • Self lab practice exercises
  • Soft skills to develop personality
  • Competitive exams are provided to help students prepare for the banking exam, SSC, Railway and many more exams.
  • Various speech therapies for effective communication.
  • Accent training facility
  • Audio recording facility

The benefits of the Spears Language lab to management

  • Courses are available in Bilingual language (Hindi and English).
  • It works on LSRW (listening, speaking, reading and writing) methodology.
  • It works on all technologies like LAN, Unix, cloud and many more.
  • It has a user-friendly interface.
  • It provides soft skills courses.
  • It helps in job preparation.
  • It develops an overall personality.

The benefits of the Spears Language lab to teachers:

  • Prepare assignments as per the syllabus
  • Batch Management facility
  • Notice Board facility
  • Manage content according to the syllabus
  • The teacher can conduct an online examination
  • Can do real-time monitoring of students
  • Voice recording facility
  • Teachers can see the progress of the students
  • Can customize the content as per the curriculum

Learn Foreign Languages with Spears Language Lab

In the language lab, one can learn other foreign languages as well and students can access audio-visual materials for learning. The foreign languages which can be learned through this software are Japanese, French, German, Russian, Chinese and many more. Learning a foreign language is like adding a feather to the cap, it not only enhances our career but boost our confidence as well.

In today’s time, the competition is growing tremendously and the students have to make a strenuous effort to meet the current demand of the market. The language lab system helps in meeting the current competition by providing huge content. It is useful in many ways:

  • All students can study at the same time – All students can practice pronunciation at the same time in the class without disturbing each other.
  • Working in groups – Language lab also facilitates working in a group. A teacher can pair the students and ask them to work in groups.
  • Grammar Section – The software covers around 7000+ vocabulary words to learn and make the base strong.
  • Interactive Exercises – 3000+ interactive exercises are given in Spears language lab to practice and ace the exams.
  • Practice Situational Dialogues – Students can practice situational dialogues based on real life interaction.
  • Accent Training – Accent training in three modules Indian, British and American.
  • Graphical Comparison of Voice – One can listen to the expert voice and can do a comparison with the help of a graphical image.
  • Job Preparation – It helps in the preparation of interview skills which will help you crack the interview.

English Learning Software for School

As discussed earlier, a digital language lab is used in schools, colleges, institutions, universities, etc., In schools, it helps students by providing facilities to speak with correct pronunciation. In colleges, it is helpful by making them proficient in the English language ( and developing their personality with soft skills courses. The soft skills covered in digital language lab system are:

  • Group discussion – In a group discussion course, learn important tips to crack the group discussion.
  • Interview jitter – Learn tips to face an interview with confidence and crack it.
  • Personality development – Improving one overall personality is required to face challenges with confidence.
  • Life skills – This course will enhance their Emotional, Intellectual and social quotient and also help them understand the importance of education.
  • Resume writing – Learn tips for writing an impressive resume, as it will make you stand out of the queue.
  • Improve body language – Learn tips to improve body language as body language indicates many things about a person.
  • Self-awareness – Knowing oneself better is very important to improve your overall personality. It is a process of self-introspection that helps in working on our mistakes.
  • Effective time management – Time management is further subdivided into planning, controlling, goal-setting, etc. which helps in effective time management.

Top benefits of English Learning Software

The language lab system helps in speaking English language like a native language with regular practice and effort. Speaking English language in an eloquent manner is not at all tough, one just needs to follow the above ways and the learner will see the changes gradually which will ultimately boost the confidence of the learner.

The ways of learning a language quickly and thoroughly:

  • Reading newspaper daily – Reading newspaper daily not only improves your English skills but also improve your vocabulary.
  • Reading loudly in front of the mirror – It is said to speak in front of a mirror to improve the pronunciation and jaw moment.
  • Practicing different accents – Practicing different accents using digital language lab software will overcome the shyness of speaking the English language.
  • Start learning new words on a daily basis – It is important to learn new words and make a strong base. The language lab system provides around 5000+ vocabulary words to learn and improve the English language.
  • Watch English movies – Watch English movies or different series or TV shows available at Netflix in the English language which will make English learning interesting as well as interactive.
  • Converse in English language – Speaking skills play an important role in improving English skills until or unless you start speaking, how will you know your mistakes. Knowing own mistakes and working on them will boost your confidence.
  • Practice exercises – Knowing oneself better is very important to improve your overall personality. It is a process of self-introspection that helps in working on our mistakes.
  • Effective time management – Language lab provide the huge number of exercises to practice grammar, spelling, sentence formation, Synonyms, antonyms and many more. It will help in better preparation for exams and you can ace your exams without much stress.

Speaking English language in an eloquent manner is not at all tough, one just needs to follow the above ways and the learner will see the changes gradually which will ultimately boost the confidence of the learner.


English language lab software helps in easy learning of English language skills. It is based on four modules LSRW (listening, speaking, reading and writing), these modules help in better understanding of each and every module and make the base strong. Students take part actively in learning English due to the interactive learning process. We have also clarified that among all language lab software present in the market Spears language lab- provides the best content and support service.