What is English Language lab Software?

English Language Lab software is a classroom-based solution which will be installed on the computer in the classroom and the content can be accessible in the respective classroom system. It is a multimedia-based English content based on CBSE curriculum for class 1-12. We provide a specialized solution to help the teachers to teach in the class and increase productivity with supplementary resources to their classroom activities.

“Our language is the reflection of ourselves. A language is an exact reflection of the character and growth of its speakers."

Benefits for Students

  • Access 400+hrs of high-quality multimedia class 1-12 content
  • Integrated real-time assessment and examination management system
  • Get certification
  • Mobile and tablet-based content
  • Utilize other eLearning facilities

Benefits for Teachers

  • Create, organize and manage content
  • Customize content according to student’s acumen and school curriculum
  • Conduct online classes and doubt session through virtual classroom
  • Conduct online examination and generate the report
  • Utilize other teaching facilities

Benefits for School

  • Give English language skills training to teachers of other subjects
  • Make language skills, PD training, and other eLearning facilities available to students at their own convenience.
  • Create and customize online digital library according to Class 1-12 curriculum
  • Conduct a train-the teacher program
  • Get global presence and step into online education with credibility

The demand for Language labs is increasing with demand. They are highly valued in schools, colleges, and universities because they offer students an e-learning environment that is successful and reliable. It provides a different experience from the traditional system of teaching. Whenever new technologies are introduced in the classrooms, they facilitate the teacher in creating a more attractive learning environment for the student. It also offers its students to practice additional hours. Spears language lab system is a highly effective system for learning English effortlessly. It is cognitive learning and interactive process. It is quite cost-effective and efficient communication language lab software. It facilitates both teachers as well as students.